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CMX Series
Cerwin-Vega Powered Tower speaker
“These CMX speakers make big, rocking, but refined and focused sound that was consistently thrilling, involving, and best of all, lots of fun for music and movies.”
Karel Grulich
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As lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Canadian rock band My Darkest Days music is everything to me. I've been recording, playing, writing and listening to music since I can remember. As a musician I appreciate all the tonal qualities that make up sound. When in the studio, I'm always spoiled when I'm listening back to my mixes because I use professional monitors from KRK. Everything always sounds awesome. What sucks, is bouncing my songs back down to MP3's, and then playing them off normal speakers. My songs and performances lose much of the tonal qualities and clarity I work so hard to achieve. Everything just seems to sound washed out. I recently started listening to vinyl, tape, and MP3's on Cerwin-Vega! CMX speakers, and it has brought back the life into listening to music. As a music creator, you build layers and sounds that you want to be heard. As a music listener, you miss out on some of the greatest textures when listening to your favourite songs because they do not come through in bad or inefficient speakers. It's as simple as that. The Cerwin-Vega! speakers truly make the most of every nuance of a recording.
Sal Coz Costa
My Darkest Days
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CMX Technology

CMX is a Cinema/Music eXperience family of speakers that combines Legendary Cerwin Vega sound and power handling with modern aesthetics. Cerwin-Vega's CMX is a new line of powered and passive speakers that are aimed at the discerning listener that appreciates their music clear, crisp and LOUD. How is it possible to achieve LOUD while achieving sonic purity associated with audiophile products?

CMX Technology - Cerwin-Vega! VegaBass™ subwoofer technology makes it possible. This feature allows your receiver to drive the mid and high-frequency components in our powered units, while the speaker’s integrated subwoofer and matched amplifier handles the demanding low frequency reproduction. Want more? Updated CMX drivers utilize a hybrid blend of magnesium, graphite and polymers for accurate sound throughout the driver’s range. However technology doesn’t mean complicated, as CMX components mix and match with simple wiring.

The slim tower designs are key to the high bass performance and sound pressure levels that the CMX is capable of producing. The CMX family includes 3 powered towers, a passive tower, 2 passive bookshelf speakers, 2 passive center channel speakers and two powered subwoofers.

The CMX Series is designed for the home theater and music enthusiasts that crave solid bass and high volume levels, without compromising sonic detail and beautiful aesthetics. The beauty of the CMX Series isn’t just about appearances. The enclosure designs are key to the high bass performance and sound pressure levels that the CMX Series is capable of producing. No matter what type of system you want to build – in any type of room configuration -- we have the required components. No matter what your interest, whether it’s a two channel high-volume system, or an accurate 5.1 or 7.2 home theater system. CMX is all you need.

CMX has you covered no matter what your needs, room or budget. With three powered towers, a passive tower, two passive bookshelf speakers, two passive center channel speakers and two powered subwoofers. This deep lineup allows for many different configurations, from two channel high-volume applications to 5.1 or 7.1 home theater applications. Check it out, because you deserve it.

Cerwin-Vega Powered Tower speaker Overview

Bipolar Woofer array: instead of individual left and right speakers with drivers mounted on one side of a cabinet, the new towers feature drivers mounted in a bipolar array (one driver on each side of a given cabinet). Cerwin-Vega! Magnum Woofer Drivers: made of a new hybrid blend advanced polymer and equipped with enormous, oversized dustcaps provide tight bass and explosive performance with plenty of impact.

Get lower. Get louder. Get Cerwin-Vega!
Available in Americas Only (110V)