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Cerwin-Vega, the industry leader in live bass and subwoofer innovations for nearly 50 years, is proud to introduce the new C-Series Folded Horn Bass Systems. The C-Series delivers unmatched high-end audio performance and striking design through its 4 earth-moving models: the TS-42, the AB-36C "After Burner," the EL-36C "Earthquake," and the JE-36C "Junior Earthquake."

The C-Series delivers more bass per square inch than other subwoofer designs and achieves new levels of performance. A new curved horn mouth bracing delivers smoother frequency response, a rugged new die cast aluminum door improves heat dissipation, and a redesigned, deeper pole cup with added reinforcement for improved top speaker stability. Integrated wheels plus a new Cerwin-Vega ergonomic handle make for easier transportability.

To learn the basics about Cerwin-Vega’s Folded Horn technology, please read below or click each of the C-Series models to check their features and technical data.

Folded Horn Technology

Cerwin-Vega’s latest folded horn subwoofer systems utilize an incredibly efficient folded hyperbolic horn design. This enables the enclosure to contain a longer sound path  which amplifies the bass frequencies while keeping the enclosure compact in size for portability. The path length and flare rate delivers bone crushing low-end down to 30Hz.

The design of practical, portable bass horns has always challenged audio engineers because low frequency wavelengths are so large (e.g., 22.5 ft/6.9 m at 50 Hz) that they require a long horn. The challenge to reduce the horn’s dimensions without decreasing its length results in a technique that involves “folding” the horn. This technique collapses the physical dimensions of the horn without reducing its length by physically folding the horn within a cabinet.

The Cerwin-Vega! folded horns have been acoustically optimized to achieve high output and low distortion while maintaining clarity and impact. Special attention to rear chamber, throat geometry, and horn profile results in a folded horn design that doesn’t exhibit the typical horn coloration of competing products.

Cerwin-Vega! folded horns, on average, produce 6 dB more output at 1 watt than a dual 18” vented box. This result is four times the output with half the number of drivers. Purchase costs are drastically reduced due to the need for fewer cabinets. A smaller number of cabinets is able to deliver a superior level of clean clear bass. Powering far fewer cabinets yields large cost savings in amplification. The net result is loud sub bass that moves enough air to blow the hairpiece off the competition.

Bass management
Enhanced Portability:

Of course, the C-Series folded horn systems have integrated wheels and a new Cerwin-Vega ergonomic handle for easier transportability. The ergonomic design allows the C-Series to be moved by a single person.

Bass management

Want information from the experts on bass management in PA systems? Download Cerwin-Vega's ultimate guide for live performers here, and gain valuable info on bass-frequencies and properties, subwoofers, applications, set-up and more.


Cerwin Vega Bass Management Manual